#2 TRAVEL-Nice, France

Posted on 16 May 2017

Nice, France is just about as close to paradise as I have ever seen.  The ocean, the food, the street life etc.  After being in Paris for a week, we traveled south on the fast train to Nice.  Let me say if you have never traveled by train you are missing one of the great experiences in life.  It is so civilized.  You can read, dine, nap or just enjoy the sites.  Too bad the US abandoned most of its tracks.  There is still Amtrak though and you should seek it out.  There is nothing more beautiful than an old train station, but that is a lengthy blog post for another day.  Strolling the markets in Nice I came upon a beautiful French woman just enjoying the Saturday market with her chien (dog).  I loved her style; the pencil skirt with the pearls and flats.  So simple but so sophisticated.  .

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