I Have Nothing to Wear

Posted on 16 December 2015

TNA Martin Black Pencil Skirthe dilemma is always: “What do I wear?” Be it to the office party, the neighborhood open house, the friends get together, etc.  One tends to impulse-buy an outfit that they wear once and by next party, the "look" is already done. 

This is the misconception with basics.  Every closet should have a basic you can pull out and add a bit of flair to.  Just a hint of sparkle or touch of sophistication with an accessory can make an ensemble.  Think great black skirt, great fitting top (be it a t-shirt, sweater or blouse), add a velvet scarf and a pair of twinkle shoes.  If you invest in the basics and great shoes you will not only wear both for work and play, but get value.  So don’t rush in and buy one outfit for one event. 

My grandmother used to say, “Good shoes will take you anywhere".

Learn to invest in a closet of quality items. You can never go wrong.  Purchases in the fast and trendy fashion will keep you asking yourself "What do I wear?"

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