First Time For Everything

Posted on 20 March 2019


Last week I had the opportunity to do my first podcast with Case Dighero and Steven Brooks of “Soul Men of the High South” fame.  It was a blast!  They directed the interview and conversation and I chimed in on the personal info about my life, career and family.  I also need to mention that Case and Brooks are both fabulous cooks and very creative people so they made it easy.  We talked about fried chicken, fried green tomatoes and growing up in the 50’s when life was much simpler then.  We discussed politics, children, and touched on the #metoo movement.

I espoused on my passion for the oxford cloth shirt. It has always appealed to me because of its timeless and ageless qualities, which is why I created the NA Martin shirt line. The Oxford, as we call it at the shop, is a personal achievement for me. More to come on that subject soon.  

Link to the podcast:

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