The Story of the NA Martin Oxford - Part 2

Posted on 24 April 2019


I always wanted to go to Portugal because my father told me that Portuguese sardines were the best in the whole world, and he was right. But my mom was really the one who sparked my curiosity to explore the Portuguese fabrics. Through her travels, she recognized that Portugal made the finest sheets and coverlets.

Once I made the decision to produce an oxford cloth shirt, I began the process of pattern making and sampling. I intuitively knew that Portugal would be the place to find the best fabrics. The tactile experience of entering a mill, feeling the materials and working with the pros is why I believe my shirt line has been so successful. When making clothing, fit and fabric cannot be underestimated. The basket weave structure and the durability of oxford cloth are just some of the properties that make it the ideal shirt fabric.

The whole reason the NA Martin clothing line was started was to offer women elegant basics. The NA Martin Oxford personifies that.

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