Why I Design

Posted on 10 June 2019

Women today are much more casual in their dress and in their lifestyle.  They want to feel comfortable yet stylish.  Since I began my clothing line and opened my shop, I have designed with this in mind.  I notice when women put on an article of clothing that is comfortable, they always comment.

My aesthetic is to produce clothing that is stylish so you feel empowered yet comfortable so you forget you have it on.  I have also supplemented my line with other brands in the shop that focus on the same qualities.

As in life, I think everything has a balance to it.   Just think about when you slide into great worn sheets at night or you put on an old sweater or tee.  You appreciate the softness of the fabric and its “test of time” quality.  In our house we say TOT.  In essence, I am always working toward the TOT factor. So when you purchase a garment from NA Martin you will be still wearing it in years to come and loving its longevity. To me, that is sustainability.

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