I began designing clothing in 2012 after practicing law for many years.   I have always enjoyed fashion and believe that the clothes you wear help create a sense of identity.  My first design was a pencil skirt.  You might ask why?  When I was practicing law, I was always searching for a pencil skirt that fit well, was comfortable, and low maintenance.  I designed it with the professional woman in mind.  But lifestyles have changed dramatically in the past few years and add Covid 19 to the mix and everyone’s closet is experiencing a transformation.  

Women are working from home, working at the office, and staying home with their kids:  It seems no two-family lifestyles are the same.  And so, I began thinking about designing a piece of clothing that was classic and would endure as time marched on.  Even before Covid I was working on a woman’s button-down shirt.  I believe it is the one article of clothing that is versatile, flattering, and is timeless.  I was fortunate and lucky enough to find the perfect partner in Portugal.  I began designing and producing 100% cotton shirts, designed in Bentonville and made in Portugal.  The cotton from Portugal is of such fine quality that it will last for years.  My goal for every woman who wears one of my shirts is for them to say, “I want to wear this forever.”  Forever to me is that it just gets softer and becomes your go-to.  If it begins to fray after years of laundering that you just want to put it on with your pj’s or garden it. Shirts are made to stand the test of time. 

We sell only our designs on this website. Our shirts are available online or you can contact us directly via email (Nancy@namartin.com) or by phone (479-236-6667).

"Style should not be complicated."

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